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2000 downloads – the wonders of open access!

I avoid publishing our research work in open access journals purely due the cost involved. I was wrong as the letter to my coauthor and top collaborator below demonstrates – open access could well be the future if you want your work read and cited.

What are the important factors when deciding where to publish? Here is a list of 5 factors to consider.

1. Open access or standard pay for access to download and read.
2. The reputation of the publisher. Is it well known, large and in international markets?
3. Impact factor of the journal.
4. The number of readers the journal has or circulation.
5. Does it have wide scope or limited to a small specialist audience

What else do you need to consider if you want your work to be read and cited?


On 18 Sep 2013, at 06:17, Mark Jackson wrote:

Dear Dr. Jackson,

We are pleased to inform you that your paper “Finite Element Analysis of Desktop Machine Tools for Micromachining Applications” has achieved impressive readership results.

The chapter you have published with InTech in the book “Finite Element Analysis – From Biomedical Applications to Industrial Developments” has so far been accessed 2000 times. Congratulations on the significant impact that your work has achieved to date.

The top downloads of your paper are from the following five countries:
USA, India, China, Brazil, Canada’s

More information and statistics regarding your paper can be found on your Author Panel:

If you are interested in additionally disseminating your work, there you will also find the necessary

The book containing your paper can be directly accessed at this link:

We congratulate you once again on your success.
InTech – open science, open minds
Phone: +385 (51) 770 447
Fax: +385 (51) 686 166
Janeza Trdine 9
51000 Rijeka, Croatia


3 amazingly simple things to help you along

1. Just get going for now you don’t have to get it perfect. 

Do you wait for everything to be perfect before you start on an important task? Do you have to wait to do something because the time is not right? Do you delay things because it’s the wrong place?

These are just lame excuses that we all make because we are too scared to act. It’s easier to delay or put things off, however if you keep putting things off then you will feel the ultimate pain of failure. You feel like a dagger has pierce your heart because you know that success was within your grasps and you are the only one to blame.

“You don’t have to get it right, you have to just get it going” Mike Litman

i) If you have something important to do then break it down into tiny steps that are easy to do.

ii) Get started now on the first easy step

iii) You will find that you will build momentum and confidence that will keep you going even when things get tough

iv) As you do things you can improve and perfect you skills and abiliies. Your ability and confidence to tackle bigger goals and tasks will increase.

2. Work harder on your skills and abilities everyday than you do on the job

Do you work very hard on your job but you don’t seem to making progress? Do you have 10 years experience? Or do you have  1 years experience 10 times? Are you improving daily?

A lot of people work hard and long hours on their jobs but don’t experience long term success. If you work on developing your skills and abilities you will be able to do a much better job. Just like a carpenter if your tools are sharp and honed then you will easily be able to make objects of a higher standard. If however your tools are blunt the quality of you work will be poorer. So its much better to spend some time sharpening your tools before you start on the job.

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job” Jim Rohn

3. Don’t go to bed at night as the same person who woke up in the morning

Have you made any progress today? Do you feel satisfied with the day? Have you made a contribution to the world?

Make sure that before you go to bed you have learnt at least one new things during the day. If you are a research read a new paper and learn something from it that you can apply to your life. Learn a new technique or work on a new skill. When you wake up tomorrow you will be a better person and more effective in things you have to get done. We all have a basic human need to grow and contribute. If you are growing daily you will be able to add more value and contribute great things to people, the environment and your work.

“Become a man of value instead a man of substance” Albert Einstein

The dark side at the Lancashire Science Festival

Dangerous twins at the Lancashire Science Festival which was held across the University of Central Lancashire attended by hundreds of school children, teachers, companies and staff from the University. A stunning range of activities and demonstrations took place at the festival.

Artistic Stimulating Young Researcher at UCLAN

How interest in your work can explode?

Just like a headline in a newspaper having a powerful title will generate explosive interest in your research paper. More people will flock to the paper to read it. They will remember it and cite it frequently.

Why is the title so important?

1. The title sparks your interest and curiosity.

2. The title engages you emotionally and get’s to your heart and soul.

3. The title is informative and useful for you.

4. The title is short and simple and should not be more than 2 lines.

5. The title uses the right keywords to get you to read it.

Here is a powerful example of how a change in a few words delivers great results.

Why is the abstract is so important?

1. The abstract highlights key findings for you.

2. The abstract gives you clearly the prime novelty of the work.

3. The abstract wets your appetite so that read the rest of the paper.

4. The abstract only takes a few minutes to read it and is only one paragraph long (200-300 words).

5. The abstract introduces the topic, methods and highlights most important results and conclusion.

Here is an inspiring video that highlights the importance of using the right words. I love this video. Watch and enjoy it!

Legends come in all shapes & sizes

This is a guest post by Dr Imran Ghauri

Drive? Determination? Single mindedness?

These are all words that are incorporated into many a self help book, and for many these are just words!!!

On the 25th of may people travelled from all over the UK to see a man who personified all these words and more….. The champion who is Ronnie Coleman, 8 times Mr Olympia. He weighs a staggering 300lbs and is one of the strongest men to have walked the earth.

Many of you will have no idea who this man is, academics unfortunately are usually bogged down in there own fields to appreciate the achievements of people in non related fields…. But as I believe excellence in any field is still excellence and is there for us to admire appreciate and more importantly take lessons from however irrelevant these achievements may seem!

Dr Imran Ghauri with 8x Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman, a simple African American from a small Louisiana town , came from a poor background. He was a sportsman and played American football which got him into college. He majored in accountancy but due to injury was not drafted into the professional leagues and became despondent!! He left and worked any and every job he could being turned down at every interview as an accountant due to having no experience!!! Ronnie joined the police force as he felt this may be his way to a steady income – and a way of serving the community.

One day he bumped into a guy who owned the local gym…. ” you got a good build, ever thought of bodybuilding?”
Ronnie thought, hmm diet? Steroids? Lifestyle ? Sacrifice? …..”Na can’t afford that!” Ronnie was persuaded with a free gym membership by the gym owner if he entered the local contest on the behalf of his gym as a bodybuilder, Ronnie had nothing to lose……..he entered and became the next Mr Texas!!!! This was the beginning of an illustrious career spanning 20 years in which he won 8 Mr Olympia titles ( the bodybuilding equivalent of the World Cup).

Ronnie was a great champion who balanced his job as a police officer with the dedicated lifestyle of a bodybuilder. He did not take steroids in a field of bodybuilders who openly admitted they did, being in the police force means regular drug testing, and medicals, Ronnie remained clean. What can we learn from Ronnie?

Bodybuilders are all steroided, meatheads with no intellect right?

Well let’s just say dedicating your life to bodybuilding,training twice a day, eating at all hours and sticking to a strict regimen your whole life is not for the faint hearted, success follows sacrifice and this is the lesson to learn and the old adage ” nothing worth having in life comes easy” is the most apt , applying it to all our lives. Ronnie is a legend and his success should be inspiration to us all.

How to make all your dreams come true?

How often have you heard the following statements.

“We just don’t have the resources to compete”

“We competing against the big boys and they dictate the rules, how can we succeed?”

“They just have much better facilities than us so how can we win?”

‘They have friends on the panels so they are bound to succeed”

“We are just fighting for the crumbs”

Forget all the excuses and go for your dreams and make them come true.

All you need is a little dream (vision), a bit of a scheme (plan), a small team (team work) and little bit of action (implentation of the plan) everyday, bit of backing and humour (leader/manager) and you will succeed all the way in whatever you decide. You can make a big difference to the world.

Watch this video of Panyee FC for a bit of inspiration.

Happy valentine’s day to all of you…

At the beginning there was Banu – first student in the group 2009

Banu Abdallah was the first member of the drug, gene and protein research in 2009. Thanks to her enthusiasm and commitment this group has grown to be one of the largest in the country. Banu is doing her PhD on carbon nanotubes for drug delivery.

Evening at Odeon and Preston docks

As a part of my birthday celebration, I went to Odeon (Preston) to watch bollywood movie Agneepath. I was accompanied by my friends Swati Kumar, Iftikhar Khan and Sasitharan Iyavoo. There were only 6 people watching Agneepath, so we felt like watching the movie in a private auditorium specially booked for my birthday. The movie was very nice and had a great evening.  Then in the chilling weather we went to Preston docks which gave a perfect ending to my birthday.