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A Warm Welcome to Honoured Guests from Shenzhen, China

The Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering at UCLAN was delighted to welcome high guests from Shenzhen Munipal Government and Virual University Park. Our honoured guests included Ms Qui Xuan, Mr Pan Wei Qi, Mr Huang Zhoa Hui, Mr Xi Wei Zhong, Ms Hou Shi Tao, Mr Wang Jian Hua were met by UCLAN Vice President Prof Dave Phoenix, Director UCLAN Overseas, Mr Ian Robertson and Head of Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering Prof Waqar Ahmed. They guests took a keen interest in excellent work of the Computational Modelling of Soft Matter Centre headed by Prof Andrei Zvelindovsky which aligns with the work of our Centre in Shenzhen headed by Dr Marco Pinna. Our Centre in Shenzhen will be using state-of-the-Art supercomputers on the Shenzhen Science Park.  There was much appreciation for the work done by the Drug, Gene and Protein Delivery Group headed by Dr Abdelbary Elhissi which supports 5 researchers in Sichuan University working on various aspects of drug delivery for asthma and cancer applications.  The facilities and the world class work done by Prof Richard Hull and Dr Anna Stec in the Centre for Fire Research on Nanocomposite Flame Retardant Materials and Fire Toxicity with large scale work being carried out by 5 researchers at University of Science and Technology in China was highly appreciated. There was also significant interest in the work done by the Surface Patterning Group led by Dr Tapas Sen and recognition of the quality of work being done on nanomaterials for water treatment with leading scientists at Fudan University. There was a general appreciation of the vision and quality of the work we are doing in the Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering with the world class researchers in the best Universities in China.

Honoured Guests in the Drug, Gene and Protein Delivery Labs

A little fun with the camera


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