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World Leading Physics Professor Enlightens Pakistani Scientists on Computational Modelling


When world leading computational physicist Prof Andrei Zvenlindovsky mentioned that he had accepted an invitation to give a keynote address at the 3rd International Conference on Computer and Emerging Technologies I was excited and apprehensive.  I knew that the hospitality would be first class but somewhat apprehensive that the presentations and scientific standards would not be leading edge. In our discussions about research Andrei always talks about Marco Pinna’s IOP Prize winning thesis, cutting edge research of Manuella Mura and novelty and impact of research outputs. To minimise the expected negative impact I offered the best possible information about visit arrangements and Pakistani culture to make the trip smooth and enjoyable. Normally when we go to the Pakistani Visa Office it is chaos, tempers rage and it takes a whole day to get a visa, however Prof Andrei was given VIP treatment by the Consulate General, got his visa in…

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Visit from Dean of Faculty of Education, Soran University

Dr Hewa Balisane visited UClan to discuss with Prof Waqar Ahmed collaboration on sports biometrics and setting a new department of chemistry. A research proposal to the government was discussed.

The dark side at the Lancashire Science Festival

Dangerous twins at the Lancashire Science Festival which was held across the University of Central Lancashire attended by hundreds of school children, teachers, companies and staff from the University. A stunning range of activities and demonstrations took place at the festival.