How to make all your dreams come true?

How often have you heard the following statements.

“We just don’t have the resources to compete”

“We competing against the big boys and they dictate the rules, how can we succeed?”

“They just have much better facilities than us so how can we win?”

‘They have friends on the panels so they are bound to succeed”

“We are just fighting for the crumbs”

Forget all the excuses and go for your dreams and make them come true.

All you need is a little dream (vision), a bit of a scheme (plan), a small team (team work) and little bit of action (implentation of the plan) everyday, bit of backing and humour (leader/manager) and you will succeed all the way in whatever you decide. You can make a big difference to the world.

Watch this video of Panyee FC for a bit of inspiration.


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