How interest in your work can explode?

Just like a headline in a newspaper having a powerful title will generate explosive interest in your research paper. More people will flock to the paper to read it. They will remember it and cite it frequently.

Why is the title so important?

1. The title sparks your interest and curiosity.

2. The title engages you emotionally and get’s to your heart and soul.

3. The title is informative and useful for you.

4. The title is short and simple and should not be more than 2 lines.

5. The title uses the right keywords to get you to read it.

Here is a powerful example of how a change in a few words delivers great results.

Why is the abstract is so important?

1. The abstract highlights key findings for you.

2. The abstract gives you clearly the prime novelty of the work.

3. The abstract wets your appetite so that read the rest of the paper.

4. The abstract only takes a few minutes to read it and is only one paragraph long (200-300 words).

5. The abstract introduces the topic, methods and highlights most important results and conclusion.

Here is an inspiring video that highlights the importance of using the right words. I love this video. Watch and enjoy it!


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