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Do you want the toy or the bone? Research productivity

Are you fully focused on what you are doing? Are you using your innate ability to the maximum? How can you get the best out of yourself and your time?

Just a few days ago I was working with a student on a very tight deadline. He was obviously extremely stressed out about his progress and ability to complete the work on time. If he misses the deadline he will have to pay £3,000. The imminent  deadline and the prospect of the penalty should focus his mind like a laser and shut out all distractions. However, during our discussions he kept answering the phone, checking for text messages or quickly answering text. This was annoying and made me lose focus several times from important messages I was trying to convey. Despite my commitment to support my desire to help diminished every time there was an interruption.

This reminded me of a time earlier in the year when I visited my best friend Steven and his dog Slim. Steven offered Slim a bone. Slim was highly excited and desperately wanted the bone but did not want to drop the toy he had in his mouth to get the bone.

“Slim you can’t have both the bone and the toy at the same time” Steven said.

We are also like Slim. I am no exception. My desire to check text messages and e-mails is all consuming. I can’t resist the urge. We try to stay on top of e-mails and texts whilst trying to write a research paper or a thesis chapter. We are not willing to let go to focus on the gold. We are crap at communicating because we are talking to a friend and whilst texting. Just like Slim I often sit in front of the TV reading a research paper. When I think about my behaviour it is stupid but I try to be clever and justify it by saying I am spending quality time with my family. My wife is an excellent cook and spends hours preparing meals for us. Like an idiot instead of really enjoying and appreciating the meals I am planning tasks for the next day. Even when I go out for a romantic meal with the most important person in my universe I am thinking about work. How sad is that?

What a tragic life?  I should practice what I preach however just like Slim I want to have two things in my mouth at the same time. In my younger days I used to think  I can hold several things in my mouth. That’s a big fantasy and we all think we can do several things at once. Your mouth might be moving but can you really taste the food. You are switching back and forth from one things to another. If you don’t focus your mental laser how can you burn a hole in the most important task you are trying to do now. You must focus on one thing at a time. We all know that and as kids we used magnifying glass to focus rays of the sun to burn holes in paper. We know the value of focus but don’t practice it.

If you focus on the one most important task now that you love then you’ll be in heaven. If you do that you will be living a full screen 3D multicolour life. Focus on one thing at a time and let it consume 100% of your attention. You will love it and achieve amazing results.  Let everything else fade away.

For example, when I write I go to full screen mode and hide all the editing icons. The only thing I see is the text. This eliminates distractions and lets me focus on writing. I am more productive.  You can do this with anything. If you eat then just eat and enjoy the deliciousness of the food. If you are talking to a friend then really enjoy the company and turn off the phone. If you are surfing the net then just do that and nothing else. If you go to the movies with the love of your life then squeeze as much joy and happiness as you can from your time together.  

For students, if you are in the laboratory doing experiments then give that 100% attention. If you writing your transfer report focus exclusively on that. If you are reading a research paper then only do that. Don’t be like Slim trying to play with the toy and keep the bone in your mouth.  You will do better with only one thing in your mouth. Give 100% of your attention. Put your mind in a full screen mode.  You’ll have more fun and be more productive.  Let everything else fade into the background. This is simple in principle but it is far from easy. You need to develop your concentration muscle. You can only do that progressively. If you set a task to write for 4 hours in one go you’ll be bitterly disappointed. Start small or nano. Begin by doing 15 minutes at a time and then build up slowly. Add only 5 minutes next time and work up to 45 minutes stints. Have a break and repeat. It is much easier to do four 45 minutes sessions than one long writing marathon. Practice will help build your focus muscle. Start now and practice.

I practice meditation and at first even one minute of undivided focus on my breathing was so hard. Try it for yourself. Now after years of daily practice I can manage 30 minutes. If you let go of the toy you’ll really be able to taste the bone. Hopefully we are little smarter  than Slim. Smart thinking is single thinking in full screen mode. 


10 things that make Google dominate the world

Google are focused on making peoples lives, work and dreams better. They go for a great user experience.

1. Google focuses on the people. It is very simple and user friendly.

2. Google focuses on speed. Never waste time and every nanosecond is important. You can find information on almost anything through the Google search engine. You can become an expert on any subject very quickly by using Google.

3. Google makes things simple for everyone. Simplicity is beautiful.

4. Google engages both beginners and experts. There something for everyone beginner, intermediate or advance levels are accessible. Age, gender, location and time are unimportant. Google is for everyone.

5. Google innovates.

6. Google designs things for the world. It is user centred. If something doesn’t work for a person, country or region then do something about it. Design something that will work.

7. Google plans for today and tomorrow. Everything is integrated. If you don;t look after your business today then there will be no tomorrow.

8. Google delights the eye without distracting the mind. The tools must be easy to use if they are not then people can’t do what they want.

9. Google builds people’s trust. 

10. Google adds human touch People use the tools and everyone should enjoy them.