3 amazingly simple things to help you along

1. Just get going for now you don’t have to get it perfect. 

Do you wait for everything to be perfect before you start on an important task? Do you have to wait to do something because the time is not right? Do you delay things because it’s the wrong place?

These are just lame excuses that we all make because we are too scared to act. It’s easier to delay or put things off, however if you keep putting things off then you will feel the ultimate pain of failure. You feel like a dagger has pierce your heart because you know that success was within your grasps and you are the only one to blame.

“You don’t have to get it right, you have to just get it going” Mike Litman

i) If you have something important to do then break it down into tiny steps that are easy to do.

ii) Get started now on the first easy step

iii) You will find that you will build momentum and confidence that will keep you going even when things get tough

iv) As you do things you can improve and perfect you skills and abiliies. Your ability and confidence to tackle bigger goals and tasks will increase.

2. Work harder on your skills and abilities everyday than you do on the job

Do you work very hard on your job but you don’t seem to making progress? Do you have 10 years experience? Or do you have  1 years experience 10 times? Are you improving daily?

A lot of people work hard and long hours on their jobs but don’t experience long term success. If you work on developing your skills and abilities you will be able to do a much better job. Just like a carpenter if your tools are sharp and honed then you will easily be able to make objects of a higher standard. If however your tools are blunt the quality of you work will be poorer. So its much better to spend some time sharpening your tools before you start on the job.

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job” Jim Rohn

3. Don’t go to bed at night as the same person who woke up in the morning

Have you made any progress today? Do you feel satisfied with the day? Have you made a contribution to the world?

Make sure that before you go to bed you have learnt at least one new things during the day. If you are a research read a new paper and learn something from it that you can apply to your life. Learn a new technique or work on a new skill. When you wake up tomorrow you will be a better person and more effective in things you have to get done. We all have a basic human need to grow and contribute. If you are growing daily you will be able to add more value and contribute great things to people, the environment and your work.

“Become a man of value instead a man of substance” Albert Einstein


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