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MSc in Nanomedicine


The Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering, Postgraduate School of Medicine and Dental Education is offering a new MSc course in Nanomedicine designed to enhance your knowledge, understanding and experience of how nanotechnology is revolutionising the world of medicine. If you are in the medical field the MSc will boost your career prospects. It also provides an ideal platform for a higher degree such as PhD and MD.  For details on how to apply go to the link below

MSc in Nanomedicine at UCLAN



Aim of the Research Area

We are seeking to appoint an academic with outstanding track record in the area of self-assembling nanostructures. This area has been highlighted by EPSRC as one of the “Grand Challenges” under the theme ”Nanoscale Design of Functional Materials” and as such provides a focal point for future research endeavours. Research within the Centre for Materials Science and within the areas of Physical and Biological Sciences at UCLan has a solid foundation in this area. Existing research themes include:

• Drug delivery via nanocarriers such as dendrimers, liposomes etc.

• Computer assisted design and modelling of the behaviour and characteristics of nanostructured materials

• Fabrication of nanoporous/nanoparticulate composites and their application in a variety of applications including catalysts, separation science, sensors etc.

The successful candidate will be expected to develop their own independent research themes in the area of self-assembling nanostructures; however, the ability to collaborate with researchers in one or more of the existing themes would be advantageous, as would substantive experience in imaging using electron microscopy.

Specific facilities and equipment

The successful candidate will be based within the Centre for Materials Science laboratories. Housed within the new £11.5M J.B. Firth Building, these laboratories provide access to high specification synthetic chemistry facilities. Also located within this building are our analytical and materials characterisation facilities which include SEM, TEM, AFM, Powder XRD,

High resolution NMR, solid state NMR, Nanosizer, Mercury porisimetry and Nitrogen adsorption. In addition, there is also an extensive range of spectroscopic, chromatographic analytical techniques to support this research. There is also access to the University’s parallel-processing supercomputer which currently supports research in the area of nano-structured soft materials and biologically inspired materials.

Key partnerships with external organisations or countries

Centre for Molecular and Soft Matter Modelling, UCLan Biomedical Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd. Shenzhen, China.

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Applications must be received by midnight on 15th October 2012. Shortlisted candidates are expected to be invited to interview between end-October and mid-November 2012. The Fellowships are available with immediate effect and it is expected that Fellows will start no later than 1st February 2013.

Materials Science

Breakthrough Research

Contact name and email address:

Professor Gary Bond

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their application with Professor Bond in advance via the contact details listed above.

Targeted research area: The use of a self-assembling approach to the systematic design and construction of materials and / or devices based on structures at the nanoscale.

Research group:

Based within the Centre for Materials Science, but contributing to activities within the Institute for Nanotechnology and Bioengineering.

Research leads:

Prof. Gary Bond (Porous materials and catalysts) Dr Matt Baker (Bioanalytical spectroscopic analysis)

Dr Tapas Sen (Fabrication of nanoporous/ nanoparticulate and surface patterning)

Website link: investigative/chemistry_research.php

Guild Research Fellows – General Information

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