2000 downloads – the wonders of open access!

I avoid publishing our research work in open access journals purely due the cost involved. I was wrong as the letter to my coauthor and top collaborator below demonstrates – open access could well be the future if you want your work read and cited.

What are the important factors when deciding where to publish? Here is a list of 5 factors to consider.

1. Open access or standard pay for access to download and read.
2. The reputation of the publisher. Is it well known, large and in international markets?
3. Impact factor of the journal.
4. The number of readers the journal has or circulation.
5. Does it have wide scope or limited to a small specialist audience

What else do you need to consider if you want your work to be read and cited?


On 18 Sep 2013, at 06:17, Mark Jackson wrote:

Dear Dr. Jackson,

We are pleased to inform you that your paper “Finite Element Analysis of Desktop Machine Tools for Micromachining Applications” has achieved impressive readership results.

The chapter you have published with InTech in the book “Finite Element Analysis – From Biomedical Applications to Industrial Developments” has so far been accessed 2000 times. Congratulations on the significant impact that your work has achieved to date.

The top downloads of your paper are from the following five countries:
USA, India, China, Brazil, Canada’s

More information and statistics regarding your paper can be found on your Author Panel:

If you are interested in additionally disseminating your work, there you will also find the necessary

The book containing your paper can be directly accessed at this link:


We congratulate you once again on your success.
InTech – open science, open minds
Email: authorstats@intechopen.com
Website: http://www.intechopen.com/
Phone: +385 (51) 770 447
Fax: +385 (51) 686 166
Janeza Trdine 9
51000 Rijeka, Croatia


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