10 things that make Google dominate the world

Google are focused on making peoples lives, work and dreams better. They go for a great user experience.

1. Google focuses on the people. It is very simple and user friendly.

2. Google focuses on speed. Never waste time and every nanosecond is important. You can find information on almost anything through the Google search engine. You can become an expert on any subject very quickly by using Google.

3. Google makes things simple for everyone. Simplicity is beautiful.

4. Google engages both beginners and experts. There something for everyone beginner, intermediate or advance levels are accessible. Age, gender, location and time are unimportant. Google is for everyone.

5. Google innovates.

6. Google designs things for the world. It is user centred. If something doesn’t work for a person, country or region then do something about it. Design something that will work.

7. Google plans for today and tomorrow. Everything is integrated. If you don;t look after your business today then there will be no tomorrow.

8. Google delights the eye without distracting the mind. The tools must be easy to use if they are not then people can’t do what they want.

9. Google builds people’s trust. 

10. Google adds human touch People use the tools and everyone should enjoy them.


2 responses

  1. It has also collected personal data from unsecured WiFi modems using its Google street view cars.

    In the same process they collect the geolocation of you IP address for future use in geolocation aps.

    Its CEO has admitted to bending national privacy and copyright laws to their limits.

    Whilst earning huge amounts of revenue in the UK they avoid almost all taxes.

    They track and sell your internet browsing history through their google-analytics cookie along with many similar companies.

    Google (and Facebook and Twitter) makes a lot of money knowining about what you are doing, who you are doing it with and where you are located.

    This is not a nice organisation!

    1. It is one of the instruments of the Internet, and although it is not perfect, we need such instruments, and we need to develop laws, which will improve these instruments and their function in our society.

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