Great time at Bukhara – thank you and Goodbye

It looks like the Preston Research Group is on target to finish their PhDs on time. Hard work is done. Time for me to say Goodbye. It’s been a privilege and honour to supervise you. I’ve learnt a lot from all of you that will be very valuable for me in Lincoln. I wish you all the very best in the future.

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Dr Flor Siperstein visits

On 22nd of February 2017 Dr Flor Siperstein from the University of Manchester has visited us and delivered a fascinating seminar on several collaboration stories between computer modellers and expe…

Source: Dr Flor Siperstein visits

Grant of the London Mathematical Society

Congratulations to Dr Anitha Thilaisundaram! She has successfully secured a grant of the London Mathematical Society under the ‘Celebrating New Appointments’ scheme, which will support a mini-confe…

Source: Grant of the London Mathematical Society

Emerging nanotechnologies for dentistry 2nd out soon

The first book on nanotechnologies in dentistry was a huge success.

I’m working with Karthik on the second edition. The second edition will contain chapters on new research in the field. Watch out. Buy it and recommend it to colleagues, students and library. Share link with colleagues. Appreciate all your support. Thank you.

A special gift

Ask for the moon and your never know. You might get it.

Go for the best first, second best is always available.

Abdullah – how does it feel to pass your PhD viva and get a lectureship in Coventry University?

Congratulations to Abdullah who passed his PhD viva today. The topic of his research is Cyber Security. Abdullah had been a dynamic member of the research group from Pakistan. He has made enormous and dedicated contribution to the group driving it towards success. He has led by example publishing several peer reviewed research papers.

Abdullah has also got a lectureship at Coventry University teaching Information Security Management.

I wish him great success in his new role and will miss his intellectual curiosity, drive and input to the research group. I am so proud of your success and thank you for being a fantastic leader and member of the research team over the past four years.

Exciting New Adventure in Experimental Physics in Renewable Energy

Really excited about beginning a new research journey with Matthew Booth in Thin Film Solar cells. This is the first research meeting. We are looking forward to working with Tasnim and her team in chemistry and Vinod in Stephenson Institute in Liverpool University on a truly multidisciplinary project on renewable energy that will have a big impact on the environment and lives of people on our amazing planet.

A Memorable day at Manchester Metropolitan University

Had a great time visiting old friends Dr Doyle, Dr Taylor and Dr Latif and colleagues at Manchester Metropolitan University with Sohail and Abdel Majid.

Physics at Lincoln

Big day for Israr – graduation time

Big day and big relief for Israr on graduation day.

Wishing you great success in the future.