New Renewable Energy and Sustainability Research Group formed at Lincoln

I am delighted to be part of a new research group combining nanotechnology and architecture. Our first meeting was held in the Isaac Newton Building. It is called Renewable Energy and Sustainability. We’ve just completed a research paper Bootcamp and will be hosting a workshop in nanotechnology and its applications between 15 July to 30 July 2018. It’s going to an exciting event with students and staff visiting from Egypt.


Congratulations on completing the research paper BOOTCAMP

Congratulations to everyone in the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Group who completed the research paper boot camp yesterday. I am humbled by your commitment and extraordinary efforts. Thank you.

I look forward seeing all the papers in print and working with you in next bootcamp.

British Spanish Society Award

Centre for Computational Physics

PhD student Javier Díaz received the 2018 British Spanish Society Scholarship aimed at postgraduate students linking Spanish and British research. Plastic Energy sponsored one of the eight awards which will allow Javier  to extend his PhD with a stay in Barcelona to collaborate with Prof. Ignacio Pagonabarraga, working on polymer nanocomposites.


The acceptance ceremony took place in London on the 24th of May at the Spanish Embassy with the presence of the Spanish Embassador and the British Embassador in Spain. The event included speeches by all 8 awardees, who covered a wide variety of topics from history of music to medicine.

The Spanish British Society celebrated the 10th anniversary of these scholarships, which was noted by the presence of many previously awarded students, which was a wonderful opportunity to meet now stablished researchers.

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CVD Diamond for Dental Tools and Burs 3,366 Downloads

I have delighted that our books has been downloaded 3,366 since 2014. Thank you to my coauthors.

Year Chapter Downloads

2017  = 719

2016 = 922

2015 = 966

2014 = 759

Junior Researcher Competition

Enter this competition. Meet researchers from all over the world. I look forward to seeing you there and listening to your interesting research journey.

Magical Reunion with Amazing People

Enjoying life changing conversations with Banu and Iftikhar. It was so much fun to see how well they are doing now in their career as entrepreneurs and academics after their PhD studies.

Student Visit and start of collaboration with Cambridge University Graphene Centre

I am so excited to be starting research collaboration with Cambridge University Graphene Centre and University of Liverpool Stephenson Institute following our visits as part of Hatem’s PhD.

Our final year undergraduate Physics students will benefit from the collaboration because after Easter they will do a mini course on laser technology as a part of their Advanced Topics module. This mini course will be delivered by Cambridge University staff.

Hatem with final year Physics students at Cambridge Graphene Centre.

Group photo outside Graphene Centre.

With Bart.

With Hatem.

Tour of Cambridge CVD labs.

Start of exciting journey in the bus.

Hatem on arrival at Graphene Centre

Photonics labs at Graphene Centre

Andrea having a good time

Hatem getting stuck into his PhD – with Vin – University of Liverpool

I visited the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energies with new PhD student Hatem. The institute was opened by the eminent Prof Sir David King FRS. Hatem didn’t waste anytime getting stuck right into the project. He will be working with Dr Vin Dhanak on characterising the samples prepared at University of Lincoln and Cambridge Graphene Centre using the advanced surface science XPS system at University of Liverpool. The future is so exciting and I’m looking forward to working with this multi-institutional and multidisciplinary team.

Hatem is super excited with the new toy he will be playing with.

Getting stuck into the project. Obviously he practices Nike’s Just Do it Now philosophy.

Words of wisdom from the master.

Great team overlooked by the plague celebrating the opening of the institute by Prof Sir David King.

My 7 daily rituals

Here are 7 daily rituals that have help me get better at living. To succeed you must be consistent and do these ritual daily.

  1. Wake up an early. If it takes an hour to get ready for work then make it a ritual to wake up 2 hours earlier.
  2. Exercise your body and mind daily. Go for walk, run, weight train to get stronger, and stretch.
  3. Meditate daily for at least 15-20 minutes. Just relax, breath and be still. Think about your goals and future, be grateful and create joy and happiness.
  4. Block out time slots for the most important and strategic things and schedule them into your diary. Write down the schedule for the day in your journal or on a piece of paper. Block out time slots for writing, and do it for the whole week. This will make your goals tangible.
  5. Over deliver on expectations for everything you are involved with. Lead the field in everything you do by over delivering. Give them 10x more than they expect. Go the extra mile consistently. Always think how can I give 10x more than anyone can expect? Write the answer down and then make sure you deliver.
  6. Read and learn every day. Take an hour a day and learn new things from books, interviews, podcasts, journals, blogs and vlogs. Focus on few key things that will be useful and learn more.
  7. Write down 10 new ideas every day  on anything you are interested in. Keep doing it constantly and build your idea muscle.

Thrilling Visit to the Cambridge Graphene Centre by Final Year Physics Students

On Wednesday 7th March 2018, our final year Physics students were kindly hosted by the world leading Cambridge Graphene Centre at the University of Cambridge. They got learn about ground breaking research taking place along with emerging applications of the this noble prize winning two dimensional material. The visit follows the lecture given by Dr Yarjan Samad (Cambridge Graphene Centre) at the University of Lincoln to our physic students on synthesis and application of graphene for gas sensing applications.CGC 1