Paaraattukkal : Mubarak : Congratulations

On the journey of a PhD, successful completion of the viva is considered by many as the greatest milestone which may be achieved. Too little emphasis is placed upon the actual submission of an individual’s thesis, which in truth is more correctly the paramount milestone reached upon this journey. This in mind, it is a great pleasure to congratulate two exceptionally talented and hardworking students at UCLan, upon the successful submission of their theses; Iftikhar Khan and Sneha Subramanian, Well Done! And Congratulations!

As students under the Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering at the School of Pharmacy, both specialised in nanotechnology in liposomal drug delivery systems; having joined the university in October 2011. In the last three years both students have gone from strength to strength, facilitating the setup of one of the key post-graduate research laboratories of the school, representing the Institute and school at a number of conferences; as well as pushing for publications. Moreover, both have also acted as Chairperson for the Institute, playing a key role in the short and long term activities of the institute.

We have no doubt that with their outstanding credentials, talent and hardworking attitudes, they will be invaluable assets to which ever organization they join (incidentally, they’re both job hunting). On this final note we would like to congratulate both of them once again and wish them good luck in their vivas, and best wishes in their futures.













4 responses

  1. Sneha Subramanian | Reply

    Thanks a lot Sakib….this was so unexpected especially Paaraattukkal 😉

  2. Glad you liked it

  3. Thanks dear, so nice of u

  4. Prof Waqar Ahmed | Reply

    Well done Sneeha and Iftikhar. Great achievement.

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