3 questions a PhD student must ask to be widely successful

If you want to be highly successful and productive PhD then you need to use the 3 keys to take you to a new level. Ask and answer the following questions in as much detail as possible.

  1. What is your compelling vision or dream?
  2. What goals do want to achieve?
  3. What habits do you need to cultivate to achieve your goals?

Your compelling vision or dream provide the passion and fuel for what you are doing. It drives you success. Goals are the milestones you need to realise to achieve your dream or vision. Your habits and rituals support you as work towards your goals. Most people fail not because they don’ have a vision to inspire but have goals or don’t have the routines or the habits to make steady progress towards their goals.

What is your compelling dream or vision?

This the place to start. Not a dream so far down the future that you can’t feel its realisation now. It should be bold and exciting and make you feel fantastic every time you think about it. What is your dream? It needs to believable and achievable. It should feel natural.

How can you break down your vision into goals?

These are the milestones you need to achieve to reach your dreams. Goals are signposts helping you along the path towards your vision. They help to make the dream more manageable and achievable. If you feel like your making progress then you will be more motivated to work harder and longer on your dreams. When you set goals you must also set deadlines for their achievement. It is helpful to think in terms of yearly, 6 monthly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. You are only bored when you have boring goals. Your goals need to exciting and fun to achieve.

What habits do you need to develop to achieve your goals and dreams?

The hardest part is not writing the research paper or thesis but having the discipline to sit down regularly and at given time to make it a habit that you van repeat daily. Routines will help you practice and build mental muscles to achieve a higher level. These routines will compound and build over time.

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