How to finish every project you start?

If you want to be successful then you have finish things that you have started. Your ideas are only valuable if you put them into practice. Brilliant idea are infectious and you can’t wait to get started. Your enthusiasm lasts a week or a month and about 1/3 of the way from the finishing line you stop. You lose your enthusiasm, hit a mental block or face  difficult task and give up in frustration. You then come up with another winning idea and rush into it with excitement and few months down line you stop. Many people have the habit of starting lots of things but don’t complete. They are excited about the ideas but don’t enjoy the hard work and graft that’s required to finish things off when the enthusiasm fades.

You need to move from the excitement to consistent and committed, positive action and carry on until you finish the job.

You have to train your brain to be excited by finishing things.
7 steps to finishing every project your start.
1. Pick a small project to complete. Break down projects into small achievable chunks. Make a list of the steps that you need to complete to finish the project.
2. Be accountable and focus on completion by a well define deadline. See your project as completed and revel in the idea of getting it done. Focus on the benefits.
3. If you get another excited idea then park the idea. Write it down and then come back to it after you have completed your current project.
4. If you have fear and hang ups then write then down and tackle them. Face your fears, don’t ignore them. Treat fear as your friend, something that when tackled will make your stronger.
5. Enjoy the feeling and glory of finishing the project. Feel the excitement and the sense of accomplishment.
6. Repeat these steps with every project, eventually your brain will get used to it and you will get into the habit of finishing.
7. When you get into the habit of finishing you will be a lot more successful and feel better when you are tackling projects in the future.

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  1. Thank you professor

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