How to do your best work – part 2. Nikola Tesla

I described my routine when I do my best work in a previous post.

Here is a routine of someone far more successful, the great Nikolai Tesla (1856-1943).

As an apprentice in Thomas Edison’s office Tesla worked from 10:30 am to 5:00 am the following morning. Edison told him, “I have had many hard working assistance but you take the cake.” When he started his own company he would start at noon and his secretary would draw the blinds stating he worked best in the dark. He worked in the Office in the dark until midnight, with a short break at 8:00 for dinner. He ordered in advance and eat alone. As he waited for his meal he polished the already gleaming silver and crystal with linen. Once the meal arrived he would mentally calculate its volume before eating.

Routines vary greatly. The give your work focus and commitment.

Do you have a routine which give you the best results. I would love to learn about your routine. Write a guest post for this blog and send it to me. Look forward to reading about it.


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