How to do your best work consistently? Part 1: My morning work routine.

When you do your best possible work you feel a sense of achievement and pride. You need to have focused, uninterrupted time to do your best work. You have to block out that time off from your diary and focus in the task at hand. It does not matter which organisational or time management system you use. You need to invest high quality time to do your best work. Anyone who has achieved a high level of success somehow makes the time to practice including great artists, writers, poets and sports champions. The field doesn’t matter which field you are in. The routines of the masters vary a great deal.
Looking back on the things that I have done there is a common thread when I have done my best work. My routine had following elements integrated into it.
Here are my 7 steps.
1. Rise early before 5 am.  This gives me about 3 hours of highly focused time when  the family are still sleeping and there are no distractions.
2. Wash and clean, do  morning prayer and read a few verses from the holy book. This lifts me spiritually.
3. Meditate for 15 minutes and set my intentions, do affirmations and visualise the ideal result. I try to have only good feeling thoughts.
4. Exercise for 15-30 minutes making my body strong, flexible and healthy.
5.Start to work in 30 minute blocks and then have a five minute break to walk about and drink some water or tea.
Repeat this cycle about 3 or 4 times. Use a timer and set it for 30 minutes and then same for the 5 minute breaks. When the timer is on the only rule is focus 100% on the work. No looking around, no answering calls, no internet, no conversation or anything else.

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