How to be resourceful?

You will never have enough facilities to do all the experiments you want. You will never have enough knowledge to understand everything. You will never have enough time to do everything on your list. You will never enough books and papers.

“The biggest assets you have are not the resources you have but how resourceful you are” unknown

The biggest resource you have is your resourcefulness. When I was a students I used to look for resources outside of myself, my institution and my existing contacts. If I went to a course in an another university I would take my samples with me and look for people and facilities they had. I would then ask them a favour and see if they could do analysis for me such as TEM or RBS etc. When I got some data I would ask if they could help me to analyse the results. I was using other people’s facilities and expertise to expand my own capability and resources. This helped me get far more data than I needed for a PhD thesis. I used this data to write more papers beyond my PhD studies.

Always be positive. Nothing can be achieved by being pessimistic. Always believe you can push your boundaries and do more, learn more and be more. If you demand more you will achieve more so set high and demanding goals. Yo can never achieve more than you set out to achieve. Aim high and reach for the sky.

So aim for the sky and use every resource you can think of within and outside of yourself and you will succeed and go far. Be unrealistic and demand more than common sense allows you to believe. People who achieve a great deal are rarely realistic. Bill Gates visualised a computer on every desk in every home. Realistic thinking would make you believe then it’s an impossible expectation but we are nearly there. John Kennedy demanded a mission to the moon and Dr Martin Luther King demanded a world where people of all races had the same rights. All these were unrealistic dreams but we achieved them. To make new discoveries as a researcher you have to stretch your imagination and strive for the unrealistic.

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge” Albert Einstein.


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