How I take research notes?

Note taking is a key skill for a researcher. I am old fashioned and still use notebooks. My approach is simple. I’ll give some points to remember.

Don’t just jot things down randomly. Have a goal in mind. My goal is to capture key information, retrieve it easily and recap quickly in a few minutes.

1. Use an A5 notebook. They are easier to carry around where ever you go and fit easily in your bag and hand.
2. Organise the note book pages into 3 parts. First use a ruler to a create a margin. Some note books already have a margin. Second draw a margin at the bottom. Lastly underline your heading.
3. Create informative titles for your notes.
4. Write notes in the main body of the page.
5. In the margin write down the keywords to remind you of the points you have written about.
6. At the bottom of the page add a brief summary.
7. Leave the first 5 pages of the book blank where you can add the content pages.
8. Highlight or underline keywords. Use colours that stand out.

Why I use this approach?
1. To retrieve information quickly and easily.
2. To be able to revise or recap the topic
3. To aid memory.

Do you have a technique that you have found useful? Share it with me so that I can learn it.
Do you use a special software for note taking?


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  1. Margin at the bottom is a great idea !

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