Life after a PhD

That momentum which has kept me going all these months has abruptly come to an end. Whilst most people in my situation would be filled with elation. The lack of mental stimulation and pressure has left me in a dazed haze. For I find myself at a loss as to what to do with my endless time. In many ways, I truly am a person who needs a ‘project’. Thus, my advice to anyone who is nearing the end of their tenure as a PhD student is to maintain their momentum have ‘projects’ and ideas set in motion as they finish. The burning desire to command and conquer will fizzle out in all certainty extremely quickly if not directed at something, this much I know now. Fortunately, I have found an outlet for my unused energy in the form of a new and exciting project which I will reveal in due course.

My Supervisor, my guide, Professor thank you for everything.
Myself and the distinguished Professor Waqar Ahmed


One response

  1. With your talent and exceptional leadership qualities I am confident your future is filled with spectacular successes. Keep in touch and well done. When you are soaring the sky remember little old Preston.

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