What is the first step in getting your dream job?

This is a guest post by Mary J Tait

Job Applications 

By all means apply for a position or positions relevant to your job goals. Experience is just as important, if not more important than qualifications. After all what is a qualification but a measure of your knowledge in your specific area. The two things go hand in hand.

Applying for Jobs or Starting on your own? 

Communicate effectively, show enthusiasm, keep motivated. It can be a hard slog if you are up hundreds of other graduates. However do keep in mind that the guy with the highest score may not necessarily want the same position as you never mind apply for it.

Think seriously about where you want to be in 5 or 10 years time and work towards it. Some graduates do start up their own companies whilst in University, or soon after they leave. This is all well and good, however, a little experience in working for someone else first will help you overcome many problems you encounter when working for yourself.

If you are starting up on your own you may have difficulty in finding funding. Have a look on the internet at “Crowd Funding”. Although you may not be able to get the funding for the project you want setting up a community project via this source may well help raise your profile and acumen for setting up a business. It may give you valuable leads, however it will also give you invaluable experience.

Believing in yourself is have the battle. Believe you can get the position you desire and you will. Believe in yourself – act positively and pro-actively. If you cannot convince yourself you are ready for a position how can you convince an employer?

Some companies may allow you to shadow a specific role for a day or two and although this may not earn you the salary you had hoped for it will help boost your confidence and give you an insight into how a specific company does things. It is also something to add to your CV. As long as it is in the same field as you wish to work it shows that you are committed to achieving your goals and whose to say what will happen once you are on site. You may be asked for your opinion on something – use your integrity when answering and remember…

Employers like to be thought of as intelligent even if they don’t have a degree.
Perhaps some of them are not managing their workforce as productively as they could – be very, very tactful if you know better!

Writing your CV 
Consult a specialist like us. Honestly, it is the best thing you can do. After all we have been writing CVs since 1973 and have been acknowledged as specialists since 1996.

As CV writers we will be able to promote you to best effect; maximising your opportunities in winning through the interview selection process and giving you loads of help and tips on interview follow up processes.

Be a winner! Call Mary J Tait, Senior CV Specialist and Consultant today on 0845 370 9941 for a FREE no obligation quote! We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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