Nanomedicine is an emerging new field that combines powerfully the advantages offered by nanomaterials and devices with medicine and surgery to treat disease and enhance life.five_very_small

New applications are being reported almost daily including:

  • Diagnostics and targeted therapeutics using detection and targeting membrane biomarkers with quantum dots for the treatment of pancreatic cancer with very low levels of nanospecific binding.
  • Targeted drug, gene and peptide delivery for the treatment of asthma, glioma and Parkinson’s disease. Synthetic nanocarriers have improved transfection ability. For example, Neurotensin-polyplex is a nanocarrier system that can enter the dopaminegric nrerons through the NTS receptors to deliver genetic cargo.
  • Nanoinvasive radio-frequency electric fields may be employed to activate nanoparticles within cancer cells. Cell death through hyperthermia and the ability to offer total body penetration by RF fields have the potential complement and out perform nanoheat treatments using alternative heat production using optical and magnetic stimuli.
  • Carbon  based…

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