MSc Research Vacancies/Studentships

Effects on the magnetic properties of electrically activated multiferroic composites

An exciting opportunity has arisen in collaboration with the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the field of multiferroic materials.  These materials are excellent candidates for new technologies and applications as a result of their multiple cooperative properties (in terms of. magnetic, electric and elastic ordering).

Current investigations on the Magneto-Electric (ME) effect have tended to concentrate on magnetically induced coupling.  In this project, it is intended to study the converse effect by means of specialist magnetic measurements carried out on composite multiferroics under electrical excitation.  Whilst the bulk of the work will be carried out in the well-established Magnetic Materials Research Laboratories at UCLan, it is also intended that the successful candidate will be given the opportunity to carry out measurements at NPL.

Candidates would be expected to hold a good physics degree that has included an experimental final year project.  Candidates with an appropriate physics-related or relevant engineering degree that should ideally include measurement/instrumentation experience will also be considered.  The project is offered on a self-funded basis to both EU and International students.  Successful outcomes from this project could potentially be used as a basis for extending the work into a PhD project.

For further information please contact Dr. Tim Mercer:      (+44-(0)1772-893161)


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