How Prof CNR Rao made it big?

The fastest way to achieve your goals is to model someone who has made it. Who do you model? Simply model the best. In the world of Nanotechnology the great Indian scientist Prof CNR Rao is one of the very best.





Prof Rao has published over  1,500 research papers,  has nearly 50 doctorates, is an author of over 40 books, founded the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in Bangalore and has  been a Chairman of Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minister for several years.

Here are Prof Rao’s 6 tips for success.

  1. Pursue your dreams with passion, hardwork and dedication.
  2. Never stop learning. The thirst to gain more knowledge should never come to an end.
  3. Always gain fresh insights, don’t hesitate to ask the right questions.
  4. Observe leaders closely, learn as much as you can from their leadership styles.
  5. Build a strong base. The journey to peaks of excellence requires a strong base camp.
  6. Keep a balance between professional and personal life. Find time for your family and the things that interest you.

For more see,+Scientist/1/100031.html


6 responses

  1. Great words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing this Prof. Ahmed. I am glad that Prof. CNR Rao is writing the foreword for our second book.

  2. Thanks for sharing motivating words of our great scientist…….

  3. Prof Waqar Ahmed | Reply

    It was a great honour for him to write the foreword for our book. His name should be on the cover page. Check out the link.

  4. Prof Waqar Ahmed | Reply

    He inspires me to keep improving myself.

  5. He seems to me to be an accumulator of awards and positions. The institutions he has headed have not produced any significant breakthroughs. Important advances in nano appications like solar energy production, fuel cells and energy storage are not taking place under his direction. India needs them and he has had every opportunity.

  6. C.N.Rao is a gerat indian person, need to learn from them

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