Publications of Dr Abdelbary Elhissi


Tapas Sen, Sarah J. Sheppard, Tim Mercer, Abdelbary Elihissi. Fabrication of lipid bilayer coated stable superparamagnetic core-shell nanoparticles in suspension for in vitro investigation of anticancer drug mitomycin C. RSC Advances, In press.

N. R. Khalid, Ejaz Ahmed, M. Ikram, M. Ahmad, David A. Phoenix, Abdelbary Elhissi, Waqar Ahmed and Mark J. Jackson. Effects of Calcination on Structural, Photocatalytic Properties of TiO2 Nanopowders Via TiCl4 Hydrolysis. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, In press.

Abdelbary M.A. Elhissi, Waqar Ahmed, Israr Ul Hassan, Vinod R. Dhanak, Antony D’Emanuele. Carbon nanotubes in cancer therapy and drug delivery. Journal of Drug Delivery, in press.

Maha Nasr, Samrana Nawaz, Abdelbary Elhissi. Amphotericin B lipid nanoemulsion aerosols for targeting peripheral respiratory airways via nebulization. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 436 (2012) 611-616.

Abdelbary M. Elhissi, Joanna Giebultowicz, P. Wroczynski, Ana A. Stec, Waqar Ahmed, Mohamed A. Alhnan, David Phoenix, Kevin M. Taylor. Nebulization of ultradeformable liposomes: The influence of aerosolization mechanism and formulation excipients. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 436 (2012) 519-526.

Abdelbary M.A. Elhissi, Waqar Ahmed, Kevin M.G. Taylor. Laser diffraction and electron microscopy studies on inhalable liposomes generated from particulate-based proliposomes within a medical nebulizer. Journal of Nanoscince and Nanotechnology, 12 (2012) 6693-6699.

Abdelbary M.A. Elhissi, Waqar Ahmed, David McCarthy, Kevin M.G. Taylor. A study of size, microscopic morphology and dispersion mechanism of structures generated on hydration of proliposomes. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 33 (2012) 1121-1126.

Mukhtar Ahmed, T. Byrne, Abdelbary Elhissi, David Phoenix, Waqar Ahmed. Vibrational and AFM studies of the adsorption of glycine on DLC and si-DLC samples. Journal of Materials Science, 47 (2012) 1729-1736.

Abdelbary Elhissi, H. Gill, Waqar Ahmed, Kevin Taylor. Vibrating-mesh nebulization of liposomes generated using an ethanol-based proliposome technology. Journal of Liposome Research, 21 (2011) 173-180.

Abdelbary M.A. Elhissi, Michael O’Neill, Waqar Ahmed, Kevin M.G. Taylor. High-sensitivity differential scanning calorimetry for measurement of steroid entrapment in nebulised liposomes generated from proliposomes. Micro & Nano Letters, 6 (2011) 694-697.

Michael Taylor, Abdelbary M. Elhissi. Predicting the physical properties of tablets from ATR-FTIR spectra using partial least squares regression. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 16 (2011) 110-117.

Abdelbary M.A. Elhissi, M. Ashraful Islam, Basel Arafat, Michael Taylor, Waqar Ahmed. Development and characterisation of freeze-dried liposomes containing two anti-asthma drugs. Micro and Nano Letters, 5 (2010) 184-188.

Thu Ghazanfari, Abdelbary M. Elhissi, Zhea Ding, Kevin M. Taylor. The influence of fluid physicochemical properties on vibrating-mesh nebulization. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 339 (2007) 103-111.

Abdelbary M. Elhissi, M.Faizi, Waseem F. Naji, H.S. Gill, Kevin M. Taylor.Physical stability and aerosol properties of liposomes delivered using an air-jet nebulizer and a novel micropump device with large mesh apertures. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 334 (2007) 62-70

Abdelbary M. Elhissi, Kiran K. Karnam, M.R. Danesh-Azari, H.S. Gill, Kevin M. Taylor. Formulations generated from ethanol-based proliposomes for delivery via medical nebulizers. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 58 (2006) 887-894.

Abdelbary M. Elhissi, Michael A. O’Neill, Simon A. Roberts, Kevin M. Taylor. A calorimetric study of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine phase transitions and steroid-liposome interactions for liposomes prepared by thin film and proliposome methods. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 320 (2006) 124-130.

Abdelbary M.A. Elhissi, Kevin M.G. Taylor. Delivery of liposomes generated from proliposomes using air-jet, ultrasonic, and vibrating-mesh nebulisers. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 15 (2005) 261-265.

Book chapters

Mukhtar H. Ahmed, J.A. Byrne, T.E. Keyes, Waqar Ahmed, Abdelbary Elhissi, Mark J. Jackson, Ejaz Ahmed B. Zakariya. Chapter 1: Characteristics and applications of titanium oxide as a biomaterial for medical implants. In: “The design and manufacture of medical devices”, ed. J.P. Davim, WoodHead, Cambridge, UK, in press

Waqar Ahmed, Abdelbary Elhissi, Mark J. Jackson, Ejaz Ahmed, B. Zakariya. Chapter 2: Precision machining of medical devices. In: “The design and manufacture of medical devices”, ed. J.P.Davim, WoodHead, Cambridge, UK, in press

Abdelbary Elhissi, Waqar Ahmed. Chapter 1: Advances in design and technology of devices manufactured for drug delivery applications. In: “Medical Device Manufacturing”, ed. M.J. Jackson, J.P. Davim, Nova Publishers, USA, 2011.

Tapas Sen, Sarah Sheppard, Tim Mercer, Abdelbary Elhissi. “Magnetoliposomes: Stability of magnetic nanoparticles in suspension for drug delivery” NSTI-Nanotech 2010,, ISBN 978-1-4398-3401-5 Vol.1, 2010, page 924-927, CRC press, Taylor & Francis group.

Kevin M.G Taylor, Abdelbary M.A. Elhissi. Preparation of liposomes for delivery from medical nebulizers. Liposome Technology Volume I, 2007, Gregoriadis G., ed. Informa Healthcare, USA. pp67- 84.


Abdelbary M.A. Elhissi, Kevin M.G. Taylor, Waqar Ahmed. Nanocarrier Systems for Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Asthma. Lambert Academic Publishing: Germany; 2011.

J. Dyke, Abdelbary Elhissi, Paul Joyce, Peter Lumsden. Impact: Linking Teaching and Research, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences- Published by Centre for Research Informed Teaching, University of Central Lancashire, UK (2010).


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