Dr Eugene de Silva wins the highest honour

de Silva earns highest rank in martial arts

The Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering is delighted and proud to announce that Dr Eugene de Silva has won the highest honour for his contribution. Dr de Silva did his PhD under the supervision of Professor Waqar Ahmed on “intensified Plasma Assisted Processing” at Manchester Metropolitan University during 1997-2000.

Dr. Eugene de Silva, a professor of physics and chemistry, received his ninth Dan from the World Kick Boxing Council after he performed unarmed combat, weapons, kata, and breakings in front of international judges in England, UK. As a result, he was also awarded the tenth Dan, the highest rank in martial arts generally reserved for founders of different styles through SMA.

Dr. de Silva is internationally recognized as the founder of the first structured educational degree program in martial arts. This program, which was developed while he was in Europe, has enabled martial artists to receive bachelors, master’s, and even Ph.D.’s in martial arts. Dr. de Silva is also the founder of the Society of Martial Arts (a registered charity in the United Kingdom) that awards professional qualifications to martial artists all over the world. In addition, he is the founder and director of the International Institute of Specialized Education and Research in the United Kingdom; an institute providing classes in intelligence, security, martial arts, etc.

He was inducted to the Hall of Fame in the USA in 2002 for his outstanding contribution to martial arts education.

In the United States, he founded the National Accrediting Commission for Martial Arts (NACMA) which is a registered charity in the USA, to regulate and accredit martial arts programs at university levels.

Dr. de Silva, who has been demonstrating martial arts techniques in the USA to teach physics, has now begun his long planned action/educational movie, “A Black Belt in Physics.” The movie has begun its filming at Castleton gym in Middlesboro, and in some places of Harrogate, Tenn. as well as in England, Europe, the Middle East and Sri Lanka. He hopes to utilize part of the money generated from the movie to set up an orphanage in Sri Lanka which is already in the planning process. The rest would be used for work in Middlesboro, Harrogate, Tenn., and in a Latin American country to support disadvantaged kids through his charity and non-profit organizations.

Read more: The Middlesboro Daily News


3 responses

  1. Well Done Dr De Salva

    Sensi Fred Holme World Ju Jitsu Federation

  2. Sunil Jayarathne | Reply

    I read several articles about you and your outstanding daughter . If you dont mind I would like to know about your plans to help Sri lankan children’s education. Thank you. Sunil Jayarathne – +94771054864

  3. Prof Waqar Ahmed | Reply

    Eugene did his PhD in my research group. He was the most talented people I have come across. As his supervisor I learnt as much from him as he do from me.

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