What’s driving you crazy?

Many things drive you crazy. It may be stupid procedure or a silly meeting or something you do regularly. You know that you can do better.  Do you do something everyday and it takes you ages and it keeps nagging you? Can you do something to make life easier?

4 steps to take to make your life better.

1. What are the top three thinks that drive you crazy with rage? Is it a rule that is a pain in the backside? Do you do something regularly that’s stupid and doesn’t make sense at all? Write the 3 things down that you want to change or eliminate.

Pick the top 3 things and make a note. Write down why they drive you crazy? How would you feel if you were free of these things now?

2. How do these three things work? Why are the important? Could you simply drop them or ignore them? Who would be affected if you? How can you do these things in a new and creative way that eliminate the pain and move you towards satisfaction and joy?

3. Which is the easiest problem or pain to deal with now? Work on the easiest first and once you have eliminated it you’ll be confident about dealing with the rest. You will have gained experience to tackle the more difficult pains that are driving you mad.

4. What is success in eliminating these pains? What is your end goal? How will you know that you have been successful?



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