Recent Papers

Amphotericin B lipid nanoemulsion aerosols for targeting peripheral respiratory airways via nebulization

M. Nasr, S. Nawaz, A.M.A. Elhissi.

International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Accepted for publication

Nebulization of ultradeformable liposomes: The influence of aerosolization mechanism and formulation excipients,

A.M.A. Elhissi, J. Giebultowicz, A. A. Stec, P. Wroczynski, W. Ahmed, M.A. Alhnan, D. Phoenix, K.M.G. Taylor.

International Journal of Pharmaceutics, in press

Fabrication of lipid bilayer coated stable superparamagnetic core-shell nanoparticles in suspension for in vitro investigation of anticancer drug mitomycin C

T. Sen, S. J. Sheppard, T. Mercer, A. Elihissi

RSC Advances, in press

Laser diffraction and electron microscopy studies on inhalable liposomes generated from particulate-based proliposomes within a medical nebulizer.

 A.M.A. Elhissi, W. Ahmed, K.M.G. Taylor.

Journal of Nanoscince and Nanotechnology, in press.

A study of size, microscopic morphology and dispersion mechanism of structures generated on hydration of proliposomes

A.M.A. Elhissi, W. Ahmed, D. McCarthy, K.M.G. Taylor

Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, in press

Carbon nanotubes in cancer therapy and drug delivery

A.M.A. Elhissi, W. Ahmed, I Hassan, V.R. Dhanak, A. D’Emanuele

Journal of Drug Delivery, in press.

Vibrational and AFM studies of the adsorption of glycine on DLC and si-DLC samples

M. Ahmed, T. Byrne, A. Elhissi, D. Phoenix, W. Ahmed

Journal of Materials Science, in press

High-sensitivity differential scanning calorimetry for measurement of steroid entrapment in nebulised liposomes generated from proliposomes

A.M.A. Elhissi, M. O’Neill, W. Ahmed, K.M.G. Taylor.

Micro & Nano Letters, 6 (2011) 694-697

Vibrating-mesh nebulization of liposomes generated using an ethanol-based proliposome technology

Elhissi, H. Gill, W. Ahmed, K. Taylor.

Journal of Liposome Research, 21 (2011) 173-180

Predicting the physical properties of tablets from ATR-FTIR spectra using partial least squares regression

M. Taylor, A.M. Elhissi

Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 16 (2011) 110-117


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