Medical Device Manufacturing


Mark J. Jackson and J. Paulo Davim

Nova Science Publishers (2012)

Medical device industry is growing considerably worldwide with many new devices appearing in the market place. The health and safety aspects need to considered carefully. Safe drug delivery is just as important as efficient delivery. Contamination must be minimised and procedures for the use of medical devices are also of significant importance. This book is composed of six chapters describing for various aspects of device manufacturing.

Chapter 1 – Advances in Design and Technology of Devices Manufactured for Drug Delivery Application by A. Elhissi and W. Ahmed

Chapter 2 – Chatter and Burr Formation in the Drilling of Medical Materials by T. Novakov and M. J. Jackson

Chapter 3 – Environmental, Health and Safety Regulations in Biomedical Device Manufacturing by R. Handy

Chpater 4 – Diamond Coated Microtools for Machining Compact Bone by M. J. Jackson, M. D. Whitfield, C. Xu and W. Ahmed

Chapter 5 – Multifunctional High-Speed Spindle for Micromachining Medical Materials by M. J. Jackson, C. Xu and W. Ahmed

Chapter 6 – Design and Development of a Nanoparticle Deposition System for Coating Medical Devices by M. J. Jackson, E. Alcorta, V. C. Gorepathi and R. M. French

Front Cover

Medical Device Manufacturing


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