PhD Success for Htet Sein

Htet with Waqar after the Viva

The Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering at UCLAN is delighted to announce that Htet Sein was successful in his defence of his PhD thesis on Friday the 15th June 2012. His thesis is “Chemical Vapour Deposition of Diamond onto Dental Burs” carried out under the supervision of Prof Waqar Ahmed and Dr Chris Rego at Manchester Metropolitan University. The examiners were impressed by the quality and quantity of Htet’s work. Htet achievement involved preserverance, hard work and dedication coupled to family and work commitments and caring for his parents. I am delighted for Htet and his family and wish him great success. He will be joining our research group for the group conference at UCLAN in August 2012.

A day later Aung San Suu Kyi held her Nobel Lecture on 16 June, 2012, in the Oslo City Hall, Norway and accepted Nobel Peace Prize for her endeavours to bring peace and democracy to Burma. Htet will be meeting her on Friday in London.


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  1. Israr Ul Hassan | Reply

    Congratulations. May you have continued success with whatever you do. All the best…

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