Announcing: An Astonishing Achievement for Eugenie

I am pleased, excited and extremely proud to be announcing that 13 year old child genius Eugenie deSilva has won the First Prize for her paper presentation at the Tennessee Academy of Science’s East Tennessee Collegiate Division Conference in the psychology category in April 2012. The paper was titled:

Use of Biometrics to Determine Deception”


Eugenie de Silva*  American Military University, Charles Town, West Virginia , USA, 

Eugene de Silva Walters State Community College, Morristown, Tennessee, USA and 

Waqar Ahmed, Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering, University of Central Lancashire, Lancashire, UK

* Presenter

Eugenie presenting the paper and with her First Prize Certificate

Obviously the following quote is appropriate for Eugenie

I am not young enough to know everything – Oscar Wilde

Thank you Eugenie for setting an example for all of us to believe that anything is possible. I am proud of you.

With lots of love and affection and looking forward to great things from you.

* (Prof Dr Eugene de Silva did his PhD with Waqar in 2000 at Manchester Metropolitan University)


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