SEMINAR by Mike Wyeth: Just a click away – Cyber Crime and E Comm Fraud – a retail perspective

Wednesday15 February 2012 – 1:00 pm in Brook 15

Mike will illustrate the positive and negative impacts of technology on the retail sector.Technology continues to improve the experience of the consumerbutat the same time it increases the opportunities for cybercrime and fraud. He will outline the risks to retailers arising from cybercrime and fraud, which go beyond financial loss to include potential damage to corporate reputation. He will also illustrate the efforts being made by marketing and sales units to improve the customer experience and detect and prevent fraud.“Click and collect” is one example of this effort. Hewilloutline the general UK cybercrime scene and the response of the private and public sectors. He will then outline the various dimensions of the growing cybercrime threat. Cybercrimes are not only precursors to fraud but they may also lead to other illegal activities, including those of “Hactivists”. They also have international and political dimensions. Mike will outline the on-going efforts to prevent, detect and disrupt cybercrime. He will conclude the presentation by speculating on future threats and how authorities may respond to them effectively.


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